Is your physician recruitment firm trying to sell you a “mailer?” | The idiocy of “mailers” for physician recruiting

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A website of prominence these days promotes the use of the “TL;DR” tag at either the beginning or the end of a long posting and it stands for “too long; didn’t read” and such a tag is normally followed by a brief synopsis of the ostensibly “too long” article for those not inclined toward engaging in a lengthy read.

Such a tag seems rather appropriate for this topic since it can be easily summarized and if there’s a “tl;dr” for this article, it is as follows: “Don’t spend money on mailers. For the most part, they are crap and the essence of chicanery.”

For those who care to read on, I will tell you why…

A “mailer” in the physician recruitment world is normally a postcard or some similar permutation that contains a well-written and enticing “teaser” to further prompt a physician candidate to inquire about a job. Now, while that seems reasonable enough as a vehicle for physician candidate sourcing, and it is admittedly in theory, let us tell you why often this ends up being fraught with inadequacy and misplaced incentives.

First off, the mailer should be nothing more than a means to the end of creating candidate interest, right? However, as is the case with most of our competitors who sell mass mail services, the mailer is in fact an opportunity to make money off of junk mail. We at Integro Healthcare, a boutique physician recruitment firm comprised solely of veteran physician recruiters, are very proud of the fact that we do not seek to make money off of junk mail.

Many physician recruitment firms of prominence, however, routinely send out mail pieces in huge quantity and charge their clients around $1.50 per mail piece when their actual cost of the mail piece is very little more than a stamp. Now, in order for this to be as profitable as possible for the firm, they then choose to send the mail piece to thousands upon thousands of candidates, most of whom they don’t even have a home address for and the mailer ends up on the desk of the administrator of the candidate’s practice because they only have a work address for the candidate. If you’re an administrator, you’re quite familiar with encountering such mailers, and what did you do with them? You threw them in the trash. Well, the firm that produced it really doesn’t care because they still made money off of it.

Also, bear in mind that the mailer is generally loaded with logos of the physician recruitment firm, so in essence the client is not only covering the cost of free promotion and branding for the firm, they are in fact paying quite a premium for it. Does this seem fair?

Here’s the thing… Direct mail, in and of itself, while slightly antiquated and dying a little bit more each day with the prominence of email, can still be a very viable means of sourcing candidates.

Within our physician recruitment firm if we use direct mail, we establish a very key group of highly viable candidates FOR WHOM WE HAVE A HOME ADDRESS and then we send a very nice and professionally written letter, personalized to the candidate, and we pass the cost of this on to our clients and it is rarely a few cents more than the cost of a stamp. And with this strategy we have had great success.

Doesn’t this seem like how it should be done? Of course, when your goal is placing physicians rather than hustling your clients for large amounts of worthless mailer fees.

Is your current physician recruitment firm trying to hit you up for a large mailer fee? Would you like to know more about how agency physician recruiting is done the proper way?

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