Physician Recruiters

A New Kind of Physician Recruitment Firm

We at The Physician Recruiters have one goal: to find you the best qualified candidates that fulfill the needs of your practice or facility. Why are we a new kind of doctor recruitment firm? Because we combine the best aspects of the recruiting techniques of the past blended with digital marketing. The digital marketing is the key: Through our “digital subscribers” (thousands of active candidates on email, RSS, passive search, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media channels) we have a reach that other firms simply can’t match.

Working With Us

We work on both a contingent and paid retainer basis. Generally speaking, we will take most positions on a contingent basis–with the full range of our digital marketing tools at your disposal. Retainers are generally reserved for firms seeking highly specialized candidates, or candidates in remote locations.

For Psychiatry Recruitment

When your physician recruitment needs are specified to the very challenging field of psychiatry, we generally refer out to a company called Monroe & Weisbrod. They have narrowed their focus to be solely psychiatry and other physician recruitment needs related to the behavioral healthcare sector (for instance, they will also do searches for addiction medcine or peds-based eating disorder specialists). Their website can be found at

The first step is to reach out at the phone number above and speak with one of our recruiters. We look forward to hearing from you.